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Models of rooms and quick renders

Posted in Thesis on October 13, 2010 by quasirella

So, I have been working making the models and I made some quick renders and am posting them.  I have decided that I need a unifying element to the rooms, so the film will need to start with a shot of a house, and when we enter, we move through all the surreal rooms.  The idea is that we go into this house, and instead of finding just normal rooms, the rooms are actually spaces that could never fit in a small unassuming house- like a large, window-filled public library looking out at a sunset, or a small, messy studio apartment, or a modern cathedral full of light and pastel windows. Even though we start in darkness and in disarray, in the foyer and first rooms, the  later rooms become more light filled and open as we progress onward toward the center, or enlightenment, finally ending in light.



Thesis Concept

Posted in Thesis on February 23, 2010 by quasirella

So, I have decided to go in the direction of a short film about moving through different spaces to represent interior, spiritual states.  I think that the film will be a study in dark to light, both visually and thematically.  I have decided that there should be seven rooms or environments, since seven is a particularly spiritual number.  Each room will have a unique color to represent it, as well as a brightness/darkness value.  I think that each room should have a unique musical element to it as well, perhaps each could have a different variation of a theme, or each room could have a different instrument or instrumental section to represent it.  I think they will all be united by one theme, however.

As I envision it now, here are the rooms with their descriptions:

1st room- either a basement, or lowest level of a house, perhaps an old foyer.  This is the darkest room, with black, grey and dusty, dirty colors.  It will represent the darkest part of the soul.

2nd room-a dining room.  Dominated by variations of the color red, from true red to maroon,  wine, and fire colors.  It will be a representation of seduction, with a plentiful table laid out in the style of a vanitas painting, and oil paintings on the walls.  A large fireplace will be in the room.  This room represents the seduction of the soul to turn from a path leading toward the light.

3rd room- a living room.  This is a blue room.  It is mostly stale, uniform, depressing colors of blue.  This will be a very average, yet comfortable room.  This room represents reaching a stage of spiritual comfort, and being unwilling to move into the higher rooms because the current one is comfortable, even if the later rooms offer more joy, hope and beauty.

4th room-a green room, or sun room/hothouse.  This room is an oasis from the previous rooms.  It is the last room to offer mostly pleasures of the body, as it will be filled with plants, flowers, greenery of all sorts, and first glimses of sunlight through glass and leaves.  It will be refreshing, with perhaps small amounts of water.  This room also represents a reward for having the courage to leave the blue room, and offers preparation for the rooms ahead.

5th room- This is a lavender, or a lilac room.  Everything in this room is themed as royalty and marriage.  This room represents a commitment to continue on the path toward the inner part of the soul.  This room will have delicate details of lilac wallpaper and cool daylight will come in through the windows.  It will be in the morning when the light is blue tinted and even and leaks coolness into a room.  Other colors of the room will be purple tinted silver, and cool whites.

6th room-a yellow room.  This room will either be a study or a library, and it will be filled with warm sunlight coming in through the windows, which will be open.  Dust particles will be in the air where the sunlight shards are floating.  This room represents peace and knowledge.  It will be shown in the quiet of the early afternoon, and will be pensive.  Books, statues or other articles of art, beauty and culture will be in the room.

7th room-The white room. This room is the interior of the soul, and should represent all the glory inside each person.  It will be either a large Opera house or a Cathedral, or some combination thereof.  I want to emphasize vertical height in the room as well bright, heavenly light.  The ceilings will have baroque style frescos, and the room will only have touches of color, such as gold ornaments and some pastels.  At the end of the film, as we reach the altar, or stage, there is a small fountain of crystal clear water, and a seedling next to it.

Here are some of the color palates I have been thinking of for the rooms.