More Renders

Here are some more quick renders of my sets.  The Grey Room,  the opening shot of the forest at night and some images of the house which we enter to go through the rooms.

Changes to the original idea:

-Now there is an opening shot of a house at night in a forest, as in the book, we enter the house to begin our journey.

-To guide and pull us through the house is a flash of light that becomes stronger with each passing room.  In the book, she mentions that the center room is full of light, and in your mind’s eye you perceive this light reaching out through the house to lull you in from the outside.  The light will not be seen until the end, and is only seen as rays around a corner, or reflected off objects when you aren’t looking directly at it.

-The rooms will transition by being connected through a hallway that is pitch black, and which we move through in surreal speeds, with the only light source being the light coming out of the doors, being bent and blurred by this non-physical space.  Some idea sketches of what the doors will look like are below.

-To better connect the rooms, there will be one continuous thread of sound, namely the sound of breathing and occasional footsteps.  Also, there will be a recurring image of the same woman in each room.  In the grey room she is in the broken picture on the floor.  In the red room, she is in the painting, in the blue room, she is on the photos on the fridge, in the green room, she is reflected in a pool of water, in the lilac room, she is on a wedding photo, in the yellow room she is in a book engraving illustration, and lastly in the white room, she is a silhouetted standing against the light, but whose face we don’t see.

Here is a partial layout of the first half of the film:

These next few images are quick comps of what the rooms could look like as we are entering them from the tunnel where they are only abstractions of colored light.  They will morph into less blurry, more physical spaces.

Here’s a test of the “surreal hallway” effect, for instance, how we will enter a room:

These next few images are test renders of the Blue room at different times.  I want to do a time lapse sequence in the blue room of it becoming messier and messier, as if the person who lives there is becoming more depressed.

I played with the idea of having a hallway of doors that open and close to the rooms, but I think this is a little cliche, so I chose the light idea and the pitch black hallway instead.  Here is what the hallway of doors looked like:

The idea of following a light is done particularly well in this clip from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, but with a decidedly darker feeling than mine will have.  I like the way the light flashes and the music hits in time when she is turning a corner and the light is just out of view. It makes it more  ethereal, because we can’t see what she sees, but only the light that the sphere emits.

These are test renders of rooms before any compositing, which will add depth of field, motion blur and other post effects to make it feel more like photography and less like maya.

and here’s what happens after the layout, which I am partially done with.  Here’s the storyboard frames to the end:


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