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Models of Rooms and quick renders

Posted in Uncategorized on October 19, 2010 by quasirella

Here is a quick render or two of the  rooms.  The Green room is an interior greenhouse or Sunroom.  I have redesigned it from the previous style to a japanese zen garden style..but it will probably change more.  Also, here are some renders from the Red room, as well as a quick render of the grey room.


Models of rooms and quick renders

Posted in Thesis on October 13, 2010 by quasirella

So, I have been working making the models and I made some quick renders and am posting them.  I have decided that I need a unifying element to the rooms, so the film will need to start with a shot of a house, and when we enter, we move through all the surreal rooms.  The idea is that we go into this house, and instead of finding just normal rooms, the rooms are actually spaces that could never fit in a small unassuming house- like a large, window-filled public library looking out at a sunset, or a small, messy studio apartment, or a modern cathedral full of light and pastel windows. Even though we start in darkness and in disarray, in the foyer and first rooms, the  later rooms become more light filled and open as we progress onward toward the center, or enlightenment, finally ending in light.