This is the first entry of my pre-thesis blog.  I have added some pictures and inspiration that I am looking at right now, as well as some concept art that I have been working on for my pre-thesis.  My inspirations right now are from several films:

-The Fall

-The Fountain

-Bram Stoker’s Dracula


-The Third and the Seventh


-German Silent Expressionist Films

and several Fine art and architectural influences:

-Baroque Ceiling Paintings

-Eiko Ishioka’s production and costume design

-Japanese and Western Theater and stage design

-Masks, from both Noh, Kabuki, and Western traditions

-Artists Caravaggio, Cagnacci, fragonard, Bernini, Gericault, William Blake


A theme that is common to all these images and runs throughout my pre-thesis inspiration is the idea of emotion, story and character expressed through surroundings, whether they be costumes, architecture or environments.  I would like to have a flow to the film, even if it is not a narrative with a story, and I think that this flow needs to be expressed through the environments.  If I decide to have a narrative, I would like the actors to seem swallowed up in the surroundings, and for the surroundings to be works of art and expressive, including the costuming.


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